<![CDATA[Me Myself And Who I Am - Me!]]>Wed, 09 Mar 2016 08:56:56 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Sorry I Haven't Been Posting :(]]>Wed, 31 Dec 2014 14:42:44 GMThttp://memyselfandwhoiam.weebly.com/me/sorry-i-havent-been-postingOK... I'm really (!) sorry I haven't been posting!
If you ever looked at my other blog you'd be like "Oh! Not again!", yes I do this tons of times (not posting in ages!).
And I really do apologies.
I did try to post while in San Fran but there wasn't time so :( sorry.

Oh and have a  happy 2015!! :)

I'll post more later,
<![CDATA[More About San Francisco]]>Fri, 14 Nov 2014 22:21:32 GMThttp://memyselfandwhoiam.weebly.com/me/more-about-san-franciscoOkay sooo!

Last night I stayed up until... 5:30?
To get used to American\San Francisco\ Where ever San Francisco is  times.
We are leaving tomorrow (the day before yesterday, probably by the time you read this).
We're going to stay up the whole night since we're leaving at about... 3:00? 4:00?
We'll sleep on the plane.

I am SOOOO tired!

I'm also really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
There'll be movies on the plane and...... We're going to SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!

In America!!!!!
It's the first time my family will be going to America, so... we're really excited! :)

We've got some friends who'll be house sitting and feeding our cats while we're away, but I sorta worried (only a tinsy bit) about one of our cats, Midnight because she has these sorta cut-ish things, probably from a fight.

Anyway um...


I'll try to update in San Francisco... Dunno.

Till the,
Bye! :),


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Bye! :)
<![CDATA[San Francisco!]]>Thu, 13 Nov 2014 15:49:57 GMThttp://memyselfandwhoiam.weebly.com/me/san-franciscoHi!

This Saturday (15th!) me and my family are going to... San Francisco!

We have never been to America so me and my sister are really excited!
By the time you see this we'll probably be back or, no-one will see this 'cos... yah!
When we get there we will be staying at some friends of ours who live... somewhere near there...
I think we're gonna be stay somewhere near... Panhandle? For some of the time we are there.
We wanna go to Yosemite National Park and... other places.
Sorry for doing so many maps...
I'm just having fun and I know no-one is reading this... so... Yah!

We might walk or drive along the Golden Gate Bridge:
<![CDATA[Hi!]]>Thu, 13 Nov 2014 15:02:32 GMThttp://memyselfandwhoiam.weebly.com/me/hiHelloo!
My name is Maja and, this is my blog!
It's just... like... about ME!
Here is a link to another one of my blogs (please follow\comment on it).
Here is a link to another one of my blogs about books, I started doing it with my sister, but sadly she wants to retire from posting on it (By the way there are only like... two posts on it and no-one as ever looked at it :( )
Here is a link to my blog with stories (by me) on it.
So... yah! :)
Here is a link to my twitter account:
Okay! So bye,